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Increasing sales and customer retention with recycling and recommerce solutions

Redeem provides mobile network operators and other businesses handling electronic devices a dedicated, complete  recycling and recommerce solution. We will set up, manage and report on your mobile recycling programme in its entirety, from point of sale software through to training, collection, recycling and marketing.

Millions of mobiles are upgraded each year, but only 10% of old handsets are recycled or traded-in. That means a lot of consumers are missing out on what you could be offering them.

Our comprehensive service will enable you to: 

  • Acquire and retain customers by offering competitive trade-in and trade-up solutions for their mobile devices
  • Comply with the EU WEEE Directive regulations
  • Generate extra revenue and increase conversion at point of sale
  • Meet your corporate social responsibility objectives


Why Redeem?


  • Experience: Working with mobile network operators for 12 years, we run the largest MNO recycling programme in Europe.
  • Skill: We've implemented tried and tested solutions for clients across the world.
  • Fully compliant: WEEE compliance guaranteed and data security and cleansing to the highest standard in the industry.
  • Innovative: We’re proud to say we recycled the first iPad.
  • Scale: We tackle the industry’s biggest and most challenging events, successfully supporting the launch of the iPhone 4S and 5.
  • Tailored solutions: We draw on local knowledge, experience and partnerships to create unique solutions that fit your company.
  • Green and ethical: Our environmental awards give peace of mind that your recycling is in ethical and responsible hands.
  • Dedicated: Recycling is our focus and it’s our only business. We’re now the fastest-growing recycling company in the UK.

Giving customers the best possible trade-in option for their devices means providing a recycling scheme that’s seamless, cost-effective and easy. That’s what Redeem can offer: every element of your recycling covered, from start to finish, by people who how to do it best. Meaning you can concentrate on what you do best too.

Get your complete recycling programme in place straight away – find out more or contact us now.

"O2 Recycle has helped to liberate thousands of mobile phones which have been sitting in people's drawers across the UK. We hope through initiatives like this that we can encourage people to see the benefits of mobile phone recycling in terms of both doing good for the environment and helping raise money for good causes."

Bill Eyres, Head of Sustainability at O2

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